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Why carpool?

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It all started with a foolish thought: Why couldn't carpools become a common way to get to work or school?

Today, carpooling is, at best, only a fringe movement. For those of us that use an automobile to get to work, the vast majority of the time we are driving alone in the car. We'd like to see carpool commuting become as normal as having a morning coffee. There are challenges ahead, but we're in it for the long haul!

Whether you're a university student looking to save money, a professional looking to do your bit for the planet, an organization with an overflowing car park, or a city with traffic congestion, we're here to try to help. Our aim is to simplify the whole process, from finding partners, to the logistics of the commute.

Our home base is in Vancouver, Canada, but we like to travel and happy to hear from people all over the world.

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